I was fortunate enough to stumble across Dr. Sedlak when searching online, and I’m so grateful I did. Dr. Sedlak is the most thorough, kind, professional provider I’ve ever encountered. She’s taken the time to listen to all my concerns, and offer a knowledgeable and insightful perspective. She’s the first provider to take the time to dive deeply into my health history in order to get the full picture. I feel confident about the future of my health journey knowing that my care is in her hands. I think anyone could benefit from her treatment, and have been recommending her to my friends and colleagues.

Alison S.

Dr. Sedlak is great. She takes time to consider each factor influencing a patient’s health. Integrative truly is the best word to describe her approach. At first I was a bit concerned that she would avoid conventional prescriptions at all costs- but that hasn’t been the case. I feel that she has a great deal of respect for my opinions about what works best for me. When my son’s pediatrician recently retired I switched him to Dr. Sedlak, which is the ultimate vote of confidence. I also love that this is HER practice. You won’t get lost in the shuffle that sometimes comes with large group practices. Independent doctors seem difficult to find, and I admire her for striking out on her own. If you’re on the fence about seeing a naturopath I suggest you try her. I deeply value the scientific method, and empirical evidence, and I’m happy to vouch for her. She can and will clearly explain the chemical/biological/genetic components of your care.
AND she’s likely covered by your insurance.

Renee E.