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Since having IV Hydration treatment with Dr. Liz Sedlak, I felt better within hours! I was experiencing dizziness, mental fog, headaches and body/joint aches-muscle cramps, and overall felt awful. The IV treatment only took about an hour in her comfortable office. My headaches went away almost immediately along with the joint pains.
I’m so pleased with how Dr. Liz treats me as her patient; she is kind, extremely knowledgeable, informative, and explains things in a detailed way so that I can understand what is going on with my health. She has now been my Primary Care Physician since early 2015. Changing my healthcare provider is one of the best things I have ever done for myself — switching from a doctor that barely spent ten minutes with me during an appointment. I have no regrets. I tell everyone that she’s “MY DOCTOR… But I’ll SHARE her!”

Cheryl M.

Dr. Sedlak is great. She takes time to consider each factor influencing a patient’s health. Integrative truly is the best word to describe her approach. At first I was a bit concerned that she would avoid conventional prescriptions at all costs- but that hasn’t been the case. I feel that she has a great deal of respect for my opinions about what works best for me. When my son’s pediatrician recently retired I switched him to Dr. Sedlak, which is the ultimate vote of confidence. I also love that this is HER practice. You won’t get lost in the shuffle that sometimes comes with large group practices. Independent doctors seem difficult to find, and I admire her for striking out on her own. If you’re on the fence about seeing a naturopath I suggest you try her. I deeply value the scientific method, and empirical evidence, and I’m happy to vouch for her. She can and will clearly explain the chemical/biological/genetic components of your care.
AND she’s likely covered by your insurance.

Renee E.